Judge resets cases over coronavirus concerns

SAN ANTONIO – Judge Gloria Saldana’s County Court 9 courtroom is normally packed on a Monday morning.

But this Monday it was a different story. The courtroom was empty.

“I’m restructuring my docket so that I don’t have more than 15 people in court at any one time," Saldana said.

She said she was concerned about the spread of the coronavirus.

“I want to make my courtroom safe in light of everything that is going on,” Saldana said.

She hopes to have the docket rescheduling completed within a day or two.

“I’m a proactive person,” Saldana said. “I was a Girl Scout, and I live to be prepared.”

Misdemeanor Administrative Court Judge John Longoria validated what Saldana has done. He said that he is also concerned about the number of people who show up for jury duty.

“Our jury room gets about 500 or 600 people a day, and that could spread like wildfire it if gets here,” Longoria said Monday. “So why not try to monitor right at the entrance.”

“We check people coming in with weapons. Why not check for people coming in with a fever?" Longoria said.

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