Life in quarantine: Photographer snaps portraits of families in her San Antonio neighborhood

UnHeard: Photographer Pamela Brodman

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Pamela Brodman is taking a closer look at what life in quarantine is like for those in her neighborhood.

The portraits she has captured are part of a new project she started that shows how families are dealing with so much time being spent together, away from normal activities, right now.

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“I started this to allow families to have a chance to get dressed, get out of the house and have some fun with it,” Brodman said.

Photographer Pamela Brodman starts "Life in Quarantine" project.
Photographer Pamela Brodman starts "Life in Quarantine" project. (Pamela Brodman)

After posting on her Alamo Ranch neighborhood Facebook page asking who would want to participate, she got inundated with responses.

So far more than 40 families have participated and another 40 are waiting to get their photos done, which are all shot using social distancing.

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Brodman shoots each family from the sidewalk or yard and the families stay on their porch areas.

“It’s been amazing, getting to know them and meeting them,” Brodman said. “They just wanted to capture those moments and I was glad to be there.”

Right now, she is posting the photos on her business Facebook page but has hopes to create a coffee table book out of the photos.

Capturing families during this pandemic has become a national trend and many other photographers are doing the same.


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