More than 660 businesses and organizations sign ‘Greater. SAfer. Together.’ pledge

Pledge meant to inspire confidence in businesses as state reopens

SAN ANTONIO – As more Texas businesses open their doors, it remains to be seen who will walk through them.

As of Friday, San Antonio bars can open for the first time in two months, restaurants can increase their capacity, and businesses like Bingo halls and bowling alleys can operate once more. At the same time, more than 660 businesses and organizations, in industries ranging from entertainment to construction, have signed onto the “Greater. SAfer. Together.” pledge, which includes seven precautions the businesses say they will take:

  • Use face coverings
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Conduct temperature checks
  • Provide hand sanitizer
  • Follow CDC cleaning protocols
  • Implement contactless payment when possible
  • General COVID-19 awareness training for employees

The pledge was part of a campaign proposed by the city and county’s Economic Transition Team to inspire customers’ confidence.

I think it helps build that confidence and that relationship with our businesses, with our neighborhood restaurants and all the places that we want to get back to. I think it helps build that rebuild that confidence that we need to have in each other in that relationship,” said Alex Lopez, director of the city’s Economic Development Department.

Both the city and county have been pushing the pledge as they distribute free safety supplies and personal protective equipment to businesses and nonprofits. The city even includes taking the pledge as part of the registration process for its distribution of about 6,000 bundles on May 27, Lopez said.

The bundles will include hand sanitizer, thermometers and roughly 10 reusable face masks. More than 3,000 businesses and nonprofits had already registered as of Friday, Lopez said.

Businesses or nonprofits with 25 or fewer employees that are interested in getting bundles may registering here or by calling 311. The bundles will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

About the Author

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.

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