Hail of a storm! 7 things to know if you were affected by hail

USAA offers tips for people affected by hail the past couple of days

Hail damage to a car in in Huntsville, TX (KPRC 2)

SAN ANTONIO – Hail rained down on parts of San Antonio, the Hill Country and South Texas over the last few stormy nights. Some areas got hit with hail the size of tennis and golf balls.

Photos: Hail pelts San Antonio as severe storms pass through city

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While the threat continues for more storms this week we may be having to call our insurance companies to access the damage.

USAA offered the following tips to anyone affected by hail:

  • Take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage — for example, by boarding up windows.
  • When it’s safe, photograph debris or destroyed items before having them removed or repaired.
  • Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your adjuster for reimbursement consideration.
  • Beware of contractors who ask for a large amount of money upfront and contractors whose bids are very low. They might cut corners and leave you with problems after they're gone.
  • Make sure contractors are qualified, licensed and insured.
  • Work with your insurance company; call the Better Business Bureau or your local municipality for information on reputable contractors.
  • Don't make permanent repairs until a claims adjuster has assessed the damage.

Fraud can be prevalent following a hail storm. If you’re wondering how to protect yourself from scammers after a hailstorm, click here.

Insurance companies will send adjusters to inspect damage claims following hail storms.

The more information you have about your damages -- a description, date of purchase and what it would cost to replace or repair -- the faster your claim can be settled, USAA said in a press release.

Don’t be fooled by fraud after hailstorm

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