3 members of anti-government group ANTIFA arrested after looting a Target in Austin, FBI says

Property damage and stolen property valued over $20,000

AUSTIN – Three people have been arrested for looting, burglarizing and damaging property at an Austin Target store, according to the FBI.

The three individuals are known members of the anti-government group ANTIFA, FBI officials said.

The crimes occurred on May 31 at a Target store in the 5600 block of N. I-35 in Capital Plaza.

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Lisa Hogan, 27, of Austin, is charged with Riot and Burglary of a Building. FBI officials said Hogan used Facebook Live from the scene to encourage others to join the looting.

Samuel Miller, 22, of Austin, is charged with Criminal Mischief and Burglary of a Building. FBI officials said he destroyed and ripped out surveillance cameras at the store.

Skye Elder, 23, of Austin, was arrested for Burglary of a Building.

Bonds for each of the accused was set at $25,000 per charge.

FBI officials said the trio was part of a group of about 20 people who ripped plywood from in front of the doors, shattered the glass on the doors and entered the store. Members of the Austin Police Department Special Response Team arrived shortly thereafter and took the trio into custody.

FBI officials are urging the public to share information, including photographs or videos of any individuals engaging in “violent and unlawful activities.”

“The violence, threat to life, and destruction of property we have seen in Austin and other parts of the country, jeopardizes the rights and safety of all citizens, including peaceful demonstrators,” said Special Agent in Charge, Christopher Combs, FBI San Antonio.

“While I fully support the rights of freedom of speech and assembly, I cannot tolerate the subversion of peaceful protest by engaging in wanton destruction and theft," Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore said in a press release. "These arrests are important to protecting not only the property owners, but, even more importantly, the peaceful protesters whose message should be heard.”

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