Graduating Reagan senior donates 50 blankets to children in emergency shelter

Non-profit organization aims to provide sense of comfort

SAN ANTONIO – Children living at the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives Counseling Center now have 50 new fleece blankets, thanks to a donation from Sam’s Covers.

The non-profit organization was founded by Samantha Sanchez, a graduating senior from Ronald Reagan High School, and aims to provide a sense of comfort for children living in emergency shelters.

Sanchez said blankets give people wrapped in them a sense of belonging.

“A lot of kids, because they go through trauma, physical touch is something that’s difficult for them, Sanchez said. "So, these blankets provide that sense of physical touch and attachment. I’ve always had a blanket growing up. I think a lot of people relate to that.”

In addition to the blankets donated to the counseling center, 10 bed sheets were also donated by Sam’s Covers.

Since the non-profit’s founding in 2015, approximately 3,000 blankets have been distributed so far to children living in emergency shelters.

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