Police find stolen CPS Energy truck at home where man was shot

Officers answering shots fired call found pickup

SAN ANTONIO – A call about gunshots in a Southeast side neighborhood led to the discovery of much more than that by San Antonio police Friday morning.

They say they found a man who had been wounded at a home in the 800 block of Channing Avenue as well as a stolen work truck in his driveway.

Officers were responding to calls about gunshots in the area.

“The alarm went off (at) 6:30 in the morning. We heard two shots in the morning,” said JR Cruz. “Other than that, we looked outside. Didn’t see anything going on.”

Cruz said within minutes, though, he noticed several police cars and an ambulance arrive at a home across the street.

Police said a man in a home there had been shot in the foot.

He reportedly told officers the gunshots came from a passing car.

“We have a bedroom right there in the corner so, of course, we hear everything. It’s like as if it’s right next door to us,” Cruz said.

He said the neighborhood usually is quiet, that the most excitement he and his family see is when children go trick-or-treating at Halloween.

“Everybody gets along with each other,” Cruz said. “So to see something like this, it’s out of the ordinary.”

The man who was shot, police said, was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

They said neither he nor anyone in his house would tell them anything about the suspected stolen truck in the driveway.

Officers found a truck stolen from CPS Energy in the driveway of the home of a man who was shot. (KSAT 12 News)

Officers later determined the pickup belonged to CPS Energy and had been reported stolen in August.

On the side doors of it were obvious markings showing where signs had been removed.

Police said the truck’s battery and other items had been removed as if someone was in the process of stripping it for parts.

Due to the unrelated call, they were able to recover the vehicle as well as some expensive tools that were in it.

All of it was turned over to a representative of the utility company who showed up at the scene.

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