Shooting of black bear in Del Rio under investigation, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say

A black bear sow and her cub were first spotted in the area Friday

Stock image (Image by ArtTower from Pixabay)

DEL RIO, Texas – A black bear that was first spotted in Del Rio with her cub on Friday was shot and killed in a residential neighborhood, according to a statement from Texas Parks and Wildlife. The department said the killing of the bear is under investigation.

In a statement to KSAT, TPW officials said hazing, actions that encourage bears to move out of an area or change behaviors instantly, was conducted in an effort to cause the bears to leave the residential area.

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However, TPW officials say that it was “difficult” for the hazing practices to be effective due to the number of people around and the bears continued to stay in the area.

“Around 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 19, the sow was shot and killed by a Del Rio resident," TPW said in a statement to KSAT. “At this time our biologists are working on finding placement locations for the cub.”

According to TPW officials, the bear and her cub may have been drawn to the area due to pet food left out by residents to feed local stray cats.

“Black bears are native to Texas and part of our natural heritage and the Southwest Texas ecosystem,” TPW said in a statement to KSAT. “They are currently a protected species in Texas. If you see a bear, please stay away and do not attempt to feed it. If you are in an urban or developed area, notify your local police or sheriff dispatch immediately and request that they contact the local Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist or Game Warden. Noting the bear’s size, direction, speed of travel and behavior, especially when it is feeding in town, will greatly aid authorities in determining how to respond.”

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