Alleged porch pirate caught on video stealing packages in Live Oak

Ring Doorbell cameras caught grinch stealing packages ahead of the holidays

LIVE OAK, Texas – A porch pirate was apparently caught stealing packages off the doorstep of a home in Live Oak on Wednesday.

The homeowners said they caught the grinch on two of their Ring Doorbell cameras as he pulled into the driveway of their residence on Hidden Oak Trail around 7:25 p.m.

The homeowners filed a report with the Live Oak Police Department and an officer from LOPD told KSAT the investigation is ongoing.

The man and a second person were seen on a surveillance camera in a red car before the man exited the car and walked to the front door.

“I think I’m going through all of the emotions: adrenaline/excitement, violation/fear, disappointment at my lost items, anger, and now amazement - my neighbors and the ring community have all been so helpful/supportive,” said one of the homeowners.

The alleged thief was seen leaving a box of masks at the door before taking a large pile of packages that were already on the porch back to his car.

“We are blessed that we have jobs during this crazy year and that we have the ability to afford some extras. The packages were nothing that we need and one of the vendors is replacing the item,” the homeowner said.

“We use the USPS’s informed delivery that emails us the scanned image of letters being delivered and info on packages so we know exactly what’s missing,” said the homeowner, who noted that they’re hopeful Live Oak Police Department will be able to find the porch pirate.

Texas lawmakers last session upgraded charges for porch pirates to a Class A misdemeanor for someone found with 10 or fewer pieces of mail that doesn’t belong to them. More than that and the charge elevates to a felony.


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