FBI San Antonio searching for local involvement in Capitol riot

“There is no information that links any of our city law enforcement to the activities... on January 6th,” Mayor Nirenberg says

SAN ANTONIO – The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden is just days away and the investigation into last week’s Capitol riot is still ongoing.

The FBI is still searching for suspects involved, and some San Antonians are feeling the heat.

Widespread investigations are underway, both nationwide and locally, and authorities are still making arrests. Some suspects have already been identified.

Just this last week, Houston’s police chief said 18-year veteran Tam Dinh Pham, who was a participant in the riots, has since been relieved of duty.

In the Alamo City, a Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is also under investigation, both criminally and administratively, after posting multiple photographs on Facebook showing her near the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

Lt. Roxanne Mathai is seen in the images walking and heading to the Capitol after listening to President Trump deliver a speech during the “Save America March”.

However, other connections to rioters from San Antonio haven’t surfaced.

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San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said area law enforcement hasn’t been linked to the activities on Jan. 6 as of yet.

“I inquired about that with our city manager. There is no information that links any of our city law enforcement to the activities that were happening on January 6th,” Nirenberg said. “If that did occur and information is brought to us, then there will be a full internal investigation and serious consequences.”

The FBI has placed billboards around town, asking for any more information on San Antonians who may have been involved in the Capitol riot.

As of this week, 70 arrests have been made so far nationwide. There are also 170 open investigations as of yet.

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