Two WellMed COVID-19 hotline vaccination clinics will resume taking appointments Tuesday

Registration is required and walk-ins will not be accepted, officials say

Vaccine. (Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels.)

SAN ANTONIO – The Elvira Cisneros Senior Community Center and the Alicia Trevino Senior Center, both run by WellMed, will resume taking appointments for 6000 new COVID-19 vaccine doses on Tuesday at 8 a.m.

The appointments will begin Wednesday. Registration is required, and walk-ins will not be accepted.

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“As long as we continue to receive vaccines, we will continue to serve our community. I am thankful we have received these doses and I look forward to when we have guaranteed doses for weeks so we can schedule as far out as we can,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran. “Data shows that these centers are reaching our most vulnerable communities.”

It should be noted that the vaccines will be available for those who are in the 1A and 1B groups, which include health care workers, anyone over the age of 65 and adults 18 or older with at least one chronic health condition.

Those who work in the health care field will need to provide a badge at the appointment.

Operators will take calls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 1-833-968-1745 until all reservations are booked.

If the phone lines are overwhelmed, WellMed says you will hear one of two messages:

  • On a cell phone: “The line you are trying to reach is out of service.”
  • On a landline: “All circuits are busy. Please try your call later.”

If you are cut off after the recorded greeting, officials say this also means all operators are on calls. If the call doesn’t go through at all, it may be an issue with your phone service provider, according to WellMed.

The two clinic locations are:

Elvira Cisneros Senior Community Activity Center at 517 SW Military Drive

Alicia Treviño López Senior One-Stop Center at 8353 Culebra Road

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