5 vehicles, 45 car keys stolen by burglars at Ancira dealership, police say

The incident happened during a power outage and suspects left without a trace

SAN ANTONIO – While the temperatures were dropping this week in San Antonio, a few burglars used that as an opportunity to take new vehicles off of the Ancira dealership parking lot.

The incident was discovered Wednesday by an employee at the Ancira dealership on I-10. That employee found a door smashed open, 45 car keys stolen and five vehicles gone.

The vice president of the dealership believes the burglars were able to get away with so much because of the power outages.

“You know, your backup cameras can only last so long on batteries and what not, and even then, they freeze. We’re not prepared for theses temperatures down here. So the camera obviously didn’t pick up anything. There’s no alarm system,” said April Ancira.

Details on the suspects involved is still unknown, but the dealership urges anyone with information to reach out to SAPD at 210-207-7273.

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