DoSeum exhibit gets upgrades, will feature artwork by students with dyslexia

The museum will also add a newly-installed resource center

The DoSeum

SAN ANTONIO – One of the DoSeum’s most popular exhibits is getting a few upgrades.

The exhibit “Beautiful Minds – Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage” first opened last fall and will be open through March 28. However, the museum will be adding artwork by students with dyslexia and a newly-installed resource center, according to a release.

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The center will feature “learning elements to inspire all minds to play, but especially for students diagnosed with dyslexia,” museum officials said in a statement. These elements include 3D puzzles, building manipulatives, graphic novels and gestalt images.

There will also be art-themed pop-ups in the galleries through the run of the exhibit, according to the museum.

“Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage has already been enjoyed by over 16,000 visitors. During the final weeks of the exhibit, we have enhanced our galleries with new components and opportunities for families to interact and reflect in ways in which learning with Dyslexia offers a creative advantage” said Meredith Doby, VP of exhibits, in a statement. “At The DoSeum, we are in the business of helping children achieve their full potential by providing opportunities for outside of the box learning, this exhibition and its recent new additions do just that.”

The exhibit as a whole aims to help raise awareness on dyslexia and celebrate children’s learning differences. You can learn more about what the exhibit has to offer here.

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