Kids can drive a submarine at the DoSeum’s new exhibit ‘Voyage to the Deep’

Interactive exhibit runs through September

SAN ANTONIO – Submerge under the sea where life is better. The DoSeum invites families to take a plunge and visit their new interactive adventure “Voyage to the Deep”.

The exhibit was developed by the Australian Maritime Museum and is based off of the fictional book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” written by the French author Jules Verne.

Kids can role play as Captain Nemo, the main character in the science fiction adventure novel and drive his Nautilus Submarine.

“There’s a really fun sort of narrative component to it,” Meredith Doby, vice president of exhibits at the DoSeum said. “There’s also a lot of STEM aspects to it. There’s a giant slide and a kelp forest. It’s essentially just a giant submarine. The kids can go in and explore and just have a lot of fun.”

The entire exhibit was translated to Spanish, including the music book and songs on the pipe organ. Little captains will use their imagination as they search for targets of fun with the help of a periscope and also zoom into the blue waters for a closer look at sea critters like a hermit crab.

However, at “Voyage to the Deep”, kids also learn it’s not all fun in games. There are interactive lessons like lifting a pair of dive boots, that show the hard work and strength it takes to live underwater. Part of navigating the waters includes knowing when to get out, and little visitors said the Escape Hatch is the perfect exit.

“The slide is always a big hit,” Doby said. “They just love going down the slide over and over and over again. (The exhibit) is big and immersive, but also layers on those science elements and that learning. So, it really brings together our mission of being both fun and learning.”

For more information on the new traveling exhibit, click here.

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