Beloved social studies teacher in Southside ISD is engaging students and making learning fun

Teacher Spotlight: Stephanie Robles-Ng

SAN ANTONIO – Through this pandemic our teachers have had more and more obstacles and they have continued to go above and beyond.

Stephanie Robles-Ng is a social studies teacher at Losoya Middle School in the Southside Independent School District and she is making a lasting impact on her students.

“It’s about investing in the students, I think to me, it’s like they know I care. They know I want to know how they’re doing,” Robles-Ng said.

Students across the district love her and her meaningful teaching style.

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“It’s because she makes it fun, like the teaching is not boring. It’s not like work, work, work, work. She makes it fun when we work,” Alexas Villarreal, one of her students, said.

The thing is, she is also loved by her coworkers.

“She is an amazing teacher. She does everything that you would ask of a teacher. She engages her students and students want to go to her class.” Joel Gains, principal said. “They’re excited when they show up.”

Like so many teachers across the county, Robles-Ng has dealt with obstacles this year.

“This year, it was just like I was a brand new teacher all over again. How do I get through to them? Through a screen. Through a computer,” Robles-Ng said.

No matter the situations, she continues to exhibit persistence, tenacity and passion.

“I think because I was one of those kids that asked why and why and how come,” Robles-Ng said.

She may be teaching social studies, but the students in her class learn so much more.

“We’ve been talking about what’s been going on the news. And of course, I always tell my students, always look at both sides. You know, you can make your argument in your opinion, but make sure you have evidence as to why you believe that. And I always say leave the emotions at the door,” she said.

And Robles-Ng and has a goal for all of her students.

“In four years, they’re going to see the real world and I hope what I’ve done and how I’ve explained things will get them ready for that,” she said.

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