War veteran’s family still demands BCSO release body cam footage

Damian Daniels shot, killed during mental health check in summer 2020

SAN ANTONIO – The family of Damian Daniels protested in front of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, demanding that Sheriff Javier Salazar release the body cam footage of his shooting death.

Until then, family members said they’ll be back at least once a week.

“It’ll show that Sheriff Salazar is being true to his word for transparency,” said Brendan Daniels, who like his brother was an Army sergeant.

Damian Daniels was shot and killed in August 2020 during what began as a mental health check. Salazar has said it happened during a struggle with deputies in front of Daniel’s home.

“We haven’t seen any of the officers arrested. We haven’t seen any officers fired,” Brendan Daniels said.

He also repeated a previous call for Salazar’s resignation if he doesn’t release the body cam footage.

“It is his job and his duty to make sure that the public knows the truth behind what’s happened, because there’s been a lot of speculation about what’s happened with the incident,” Brendan Daniels said.

However, in a statement, Salazar also repeated what he’s said about their demands.

“The video will be released when doing so will not jeopardize ongoing legal proceedings,” Salazar said.

He also said the case was submitted to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office several weeks ago.

“We are waiting for further direction on whatever the DA may need before it is presented to the Grand Jury,” the sheriff said.

Salazar also said the Daniels family can reach out to his office “at any time.”

“Our investigators are willing and able to answer whatever questions they may have,” Salazar said.

However, Brendan Daniels said the family’s attorney has advised against speaking to the sheriff.

The attorney said although the sheriff has said he doesn’t want to hurt the family any more than they already have, Brendan Daniels said their priority remains Salazar releasing the body cam footage so that they and the public can see for themselves what happened that day.

“We just want you to do the right thing,” Daniels said.

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