KSAT Q&A: Dr. Ruth Berggren addresses a Memorial Day dilemma: To mask or not to mask

Berggren also talks about local COVID-19 vaccine trials involving pregnant women

SAN ANTONIO – Infectious Disease Specialist Dr Ruth Berggren from the Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio talks about “best mask practices” and viewer questions.

Below are three takeaways with the conversation with Dr. Berggren:

1. Dr. Berggren says in mixed groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, the vaccinated don’t need to mask up, but people who are unmasked or people with vulnerable health conditions should still wear a mask.

2. Parents can still have their kids wear a mask at school if they’re unvaccinated, even though there’s not a mask mandate. Dr. Berggren says she wears a mask at church, in restaurants, at the court house, and at stores just to be extra cautious, even though she’s vaccinated.

3. UT Health San Antonio has been conducting tests to see if the COVID-19 Vaccines affect pregnant women, and have found they are safe for pregnant women, and there’s no evidence the vaccines cause infertility.

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