Family of baby James Chairez disappointed at possibility of D’Lanny Chairez being released from jail

Hearing has been reset for a later date

SAN ANTONIO – The family of baby James Chairez protested outside the Bexar County Courthouse Wednesday over the possibility that the baby’s mother, D’Lanny Chairez could be released from jail.

About a dozen people were outside the courthouse, demanding justice as D’Lanny Chairez was expected to have a hearing via Zoom in the 144th District Court.

“Her silence has shown me no other reason to believe that she’s guilty, and for her to have the opportunity to walk with me and you next to each other, you know, that’s just disgusting,” baby James Chairez’s great-aunt Mariesol Benavidez-Gomez said. “I’m not saying I’m wishing her ill will but she is safer in there than she is out here.”

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Benavidez-Gomez told KSAT that D’Lanny Chairez’s attorney contacted a family member asking if they could take her in if she was released from jail in the coming weeks, but the family member refused.

Baby James was first reported missing on Jan. 4. His body was found on April 28 in the trailer where he lived with his mom in the 7600 block of West Military Drive though police had searched the home multiple times before that date.

Before his remains were found, D’Lanny Chairez was already in custody on a charge of tampering with evidence and had her bond reduced to $150,000.

She has not been charged with the baby’s death.

Benavidez-Gomez said that she will be at the courthouse every time a hearing takes place and all she wants is the truth and justice for James.

“I will do this until I get justice for James to my last breath,” Benavidez-Gomez said.

The hearing has been reset for a later date.


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