YouTube diver finds lost treasures in San Antonio River near the Shops at Rivercenter

Brandon Jordan was given special permission to dive along the River Walk over two days

SAN ANTONIO – If you dropped your cellphone from the River Walk into the San Antonio River, a popular YouTube treasure diver may have recovered it recently.

Popular YouTuber Brandon Jordan was given special permission to dive along the River Walk in June. It was a big “get” for Jordan after getting stopped by police during his first attempt in 2020. This time, his mission was blessed by the Department of Arts & Culture’s Film Division and the Center City Development Office. City crews even closed the river in stretches over two days so Jordan could dive.

On the first day, Jordan pulled up quite a haul, including a Bird scooter, chairs, some phones, a rubber boot and mounds of beaded necklaces intertwined with river debris.

On the second day Jordan jumped in where the River Walk ends at the Shops at Rivercenter. Among his day-two treasures, he pulled up a charger, a wireless earbud, glasses, a serving tray and -- something he considers to be the holy grail of treasure diving -- an iPhone.

YouTuber Brandon Jordan pulls up an iPhone while diving along the San Antonio River Walk. He was given special permission from the city for the dive. (Jiggin' With Jordan)

But Jordan seemed to be more impressed with the view above the water than what he found beneath, stopping a few times to admire the view along the famed River Walk, calling it “a really special place.”

As most San Antonio natives can attest, the River Walk is best experienced from boat or dry land.

“I’m going to miss this place, but I don’t think I’m going to miss getting in the water here,” Jordan said.

After Jordan finished his second dive, he interviewed the superintendent of River Walk operations, Joe Cruz, who explained that while the river is skimmed daily for trash on the surface, it’s only drained every four to five years for maintenance and cleaning. Cruz promised Jordan he could come back and look for treasures when that happens.

“I don’t want you guys to be confused, this place is absolutely beautiful. We travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and we still find a bunch of trash. It’s just something that’s going to happen,” Jordan said.

Jordan said the experience was very different from his typical river dives.

“We’ve dove a lot of places, but this is probably the most unique,” Jordan said.

Watch Jordan’s second dive along the River Walk:

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