Council member closely monitoring new flooding concerns from District 6 homeowners

SAN ANTONIO – Homeowners have been keeping a close eye on the rain following several flooding events this summer and bringing their concerns to their San Antonio City Council members.

Elenor Johnson, from the Great Northwest homeowners community in District 6, says water reached her calf when a downpour happened two weeks ago. Some of the homes nearby flooded.

“It was a nightmare,” she said. “It was very scary, traumatic, especially for my neighbor who’s now living in an RV cuz she has no place to live.”

District 6 Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda says that the same downpour was a significant event for her district because it exposed new areas not prone to flooding. She wants to hear from constituents about the flooding they experienced so city staff can document the need to fund flood mitigation projects.

“The water is just rising, and there’s not a lot homeowners can do about it. They’re just watching it come in, to their doorstep and eventually into their home,” Cabello Havrda said. “The next best thing I can do is get the information, get funding, so it doesn’t happen again.”

For information on how to reach District 6, click here. To report flooding to district leaders in other areas of the city, click here.

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