Surge in COVID-19 cases in Bexar County brings back anxiety for some

Mental health expert says it’s normal to have these feelings, given the uncertain times

SAN ANTONIO – Kenneth Webber put off his second COVID-19 vaccine because of concerns about possible side effects, but he showed up at a pop-up clinic more concerned about the surge in cases on Tuesday.

“Now that Delta (variant) is circulating, it’s more important than ever to get out and get that second vaccination,” he said.

Talli Goldman-Dolge is the CEO of Jewish Family Service San Antonio, which provides counseling services to the commmunity. She says she’s seeing more families talk about the resurfacing of the anxiety brought on by the pandemic.

Goldman-Dolge said parents are worried about sending their kids back to school, and others are concerned about the unknowns of what will happen next.

“I think that there’s so many mixed messages right now out there and so many people right now are talking about, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’” Goldman-Dolge said.

She says it’s OK to have those feelings.

Goldman-Dolge said to have some self-care and compassion about how your body is reacting to that anxiety, know you have been there before, and you can get through it.

“I’ve been here before. I have to let my body be OK with going through some stress and anxiety because this is normal, and all of us right now are going through some period of stress,” she said.

Goldman-Dolge says to talk about your concerns out loud with your friends, family or a therapist. Those with concerns about their children returning to school should also speak with the administrators until they feel comfortable about what will happen next.

On Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reversed its indoor mask guidance, saying that fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors.

Webber says this is the time for those who have delayed their second shot to make time to get it.

“I found time and made time today. Everybody can make some time. It doesn’t take too long,” Webber said.

If you need help talking to someone about your anxiety, see the providers who might help by clicking here.

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