2 injured, hospitalized following small plane crash near Boerne, officials say

The cause of the crash is unknown at this time

BOERNE, Texas – Two people are recovering in the hospital following a small plane crash near Boerne Stage Airfield, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

The plane crashed just before 3 p.m. behind a home off of Boerne Stage Road and Bridlewood Trail.

It’s unclear what led to the crash, but deputies said a man and a woman were injured from the impact.

A family that lives near the crash site said they helped rescue the pair inside of the aircraft when it crashed. They said it was a miracle they saw the plane as it was going down.

“I was with my family inside our home and my husband and brother-in-law walked outside and within 10 seconds, they saw a plane over my neighbors’ backyard and it was rocking and they said, ‘It doesn’t look good. It was going lower and lower,’ and they saw it go down.”

The neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said they all ran to the crash scene.

“Where it is located, it was a grove of cedar trees and you couldn’t hear a thing,” she said. “You couldn’t see a thing. No smoke and no fire. You couldn’t see it from any other angle. It was completely covered. If we didn’t see it go down, there is no telling if anyone would have been able to find them in time.

When the neighbors finally found the plane, they saw the damage.

“The plane was facing straight down next to a tree,” she said. “The tail was up and the rest was crumbled. My husband found the two people still in the plane. He helped them get out. They were alive and fine but they were pretty injured.”

She said the man and woman inside were middle-aged and were in a lot of pain.

“We just moved here and I couldn’t remember where I put my medical bag,” she said. “I called my sister and she said a prayer and right then and there, she was able to help me locate the bag.”

Officials said their injuries are not life-threatening, but they were taken to an area hospital for further treatment.

The neighbors said they are just thankful the crash victims survived and they hope their quick actions inspire others to always be ready to help whenever it is needed.

“We ran through, got in there, and just assessed the situation and there was no hesitation,” she said. “Everyone just stepped up. Their lives were in the hands of God today. There is no other way around it. They are here because of God. I would say, when you are called to help, you do it. You just step up and do what you have to do and you are empowered by God doing His work so it is fine. You are going to be ok.”

No property damage was reported, aside from the wrecked aircraft, according to the BCSO.

Sheriff’s deputies, state troopers, and the Leon Springs Fire Department worked the scene. We’ll bring more updates as they become available.

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