District Court Judge Peter Sakai to step down from bench in October

Sakai sends letter of resignation to Gov. Greg Abbott

Judge Sakai

SAN ANTONIO – After nearly 16 years on the bench of the 225th District Court, Judge Peter Sakai plans to step down, effective Oct. 31.

Sakai submitted his resignation Tuesday in a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott.

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The jurist said that he is ready for a new chapter in his life.

“When I first ran, I promised to protect children, empower families and improve the system. Since I have fulfilled my promises, I am ready to embark on a new path of my life,” the letter said.

Prior to being elected district court judge, Sakai was associate judge of the Bexar County Children’s Court for 11 years, which he said he “served with great distinction and honor.”

Sakai said that his “biggest and proudest accomplishment” was being the administrative judge of the Bexar County Children’s Courts, which he said grew through the years with various programs and services.

He also noted that among his final duties as 225th District Court judge was presiding over a special docket for foster children without placement, which resulted in the removal of foster children from sleeping in Child Protective Services offices and placing them in safe accommodations.

Sakai urged Abbott to keep foster children in mind, saying that “they do not deserve the treatment that the current foster care system provides for them.”

The judge said he is ready to help with the transition of the 225th District Court.

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