Texas GOP candidate falsely claims school cafeteria tables are being lowered for ‘furries’

‘The claim about lowering tables is false,’ spokesperson says

School cafeteria (Seminole County Public Schools)

ROUND ROCK, Texas – A shocking claim made by a Texas GOP candidate on social media has turned out to be categorically false.

Michelle Evans, a GOP primary for Texas House District 136, published a tweet Sunday that claimed middle and high schools in Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) were lowering cafeteria tables to allow “furries” to eat more easily.

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Furries, in this case, refers to students who identify as animals.

Evans further explained that the tables were being lowered so furries could “eat without utensils or their hands (ie, like a dog eats from a bowl).”

RRISD Chief of Public Affairs Jenny LaCoste-Caputo told Texas Monthly, “this is not happening. Our tables don’t even have the option of lowering. You win the award for strangest media question of the year.”

Evans’ tweet was a response to Michael Quinn Sullivan’s tweet about a Michigan school board allowing litter boxes in the halls for furries to relieve themselves. This claim has also been proven to be false.

In an interview with KXAN, Evans said parents of students who attend RRISD told her about the tables being lowered.

“I was merely relaying information shared with me privately,” Evans said.

A person who claims to have volunteered in an RRISD lunchroom recently replied to Evans on Twitter and said she “can confirm that @ThinkerMichelle is very misinformed. Nothing like this is happening, and it’s bizarre and creepy that she even thought of this ridiculous accusation.”

KSAT reached out to RRISD and received the same message about the tables.

“The claim about lowering tables is false. This is not happening in Round Rock ISD,” LaCoste-Caputo told KSAT.