Memories linger on anniversary of ‘Snowmaggedon’ as sun shines on San Antonio

Snow, ice fell on SA 1 year ago today, shutting down city

SAN ANTONIO – You almost wouldn’t know it by looking at the sunshine and blue skies, but one year ago San Antonio was gripped by a winter storm that brought life in the city to a grinding halt.

“We were just talking about it earlier this week and it was a bad week, I think, for everybody,” said Joel Calleros, reflecting on the snow and ice that took over south Texas February 15, 2021 and became known as “Snowmaggedon.”

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As Calleros soaked in the sunshine Tuesday while painting a downtown building, he still recalls how tough things got for so many people

“It set us behind, at least two weeks. I clearly remember that, so we kind of had to make it up as we went along,” he said.

Dressing in layers was a must as we covered the rare winter storm that hit February, 15, 2021. (KSAT 12 News)

For days, thousands were left high and dry without water when pipes froze, and in the dark due to widespread power outages.

Calleros considers himself one of the lucky few.

Although he had to stay home, he never lost electricity or water.

Theresa Fossier also stayed warm and dry the whole time in her downtown condominium.

For a few hours one day, she was especially dry after a pipe burst and cut off her water.

“I had prepared ahead of time so I didn’t really leave during the week,” Fossier said. “I just stayed home and stayed safe and sound.”

The memories for most people who suffered through it still linger.

In fact, just a few weeks ago when the area was threatened by the possibility of more ice and winter precipitation, some had flashbacks.

One year later, sunshine and warm weather replaced snow and ice. (KSAT 12 News)

On this one year anniversary, though, nature seemed to be making up for what happened exactly one year ago.

“Look at this beautiful weather,” Calleros said.

Fossier agreed, saying she would take a warm, sunny day over snow any day.

“Definitely rather have this, over what we had last year,” she said.

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