Edgewood ISD police officer saves life of choking man at McDonald’s

Officer Garrett Hardwick is a certified EMT

SAN ANTONIO – Edgewood Independent School District officials are commending one of their officers for an act of heroism he performed on his lunch break off-campus.

Officer Garrett Hardwick, a certified EMT who has been with the district just four months, saved the life of a man who was choking on his food at a local McDonald’s restaurant — and it was caught on video.

District officials said Hardwick had just finished his lunch when he was notified that someone on the opposite side of the restaurant needed help.

A man, who is disabled and in a wheelchair, was choking and needed assistance.

A video from the restaurant shows Hardwick walking to the man, unfastening his seatbelt and performing the Heimlich maneuver. The food was dislodged after two thrusts and the man was able to sit back down and recover.

“This situation does have a different feel because I didn’t have to send someone to the hospital,” Hardwick said. “Instead, I received a thank you. Had I left 30 seconds earlier, this would be a very different story.”

District officials said they were extremely proud of Hardwick’s actions.

“The work of the officers is to not only serve, support and protect students of our district but our community as well,” EISD said in a press release.

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