Bexar County shoppers prefer Walmart, H-E-B, data shows

Data tracks grocery foot store traffic

Grocery Store (KSAT 2020)

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County residents have their favorites when it comes to grocery shopping.

SafeGraph Data tracks grocery store foot traffic using geospatial information. Visits are defined as a stay at the location lasting longer than four minutes.

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The data shows that shoppers largely visit H-E-B and Walmart to get their groceries, racking up more than 150,000 visits each month. Both chains have an advantage over their competitors, as Walmart has 29 locations in San Antonio while H-E-B has 46 locations in the area.

The third most popular place to shop is Costco, where people can stock up on groceries in bulk.

Though Walmart received slightly more visits, according to the data, H-E-B has reported better numbers. The San Antonio Express-News reported that H-E-B has claimed 52.4% of the local market in 2021.

As the population in the region continues to grow, H-E-B looks to keep its presence. Earlier this year, the grocery chain announced plans for a new expanded location in New Braunfels that will include a wine tasting section and a barbecue restaurant.

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