Fisherman reels in 7.5-foot bull shark along Texas coast

6-foot sandbar shark caught in the same fishing trip

Shaun Schraeder with a 90.5-inch bull shark. (Hunt with Doubles)

PORT MANSFIELD, Texas – Two lucky fishermen can cross catching a shark off their bucket list.

Shaun Schraeder and Alex Hunt with Double S Adventures both reeled in the big fish on April 22 off the Texas coast near the Mansfield jetties in Port Mansfield.

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Schraeder caught a seven-and-a-half-foot bull shark and Hunt caught a six-foot sandbar shark from the shore.

“This was our first time shark fishing, what a rush,” Hunt said. “Both sharks were catch and release.”

Alex Snell reels in 73-inch sandbar shark. (Hunt With Doubles)

Hunt said reeling in the sharks was harder than expected.

“They had a lot of fight and almost felt like reeling in a log. We had the whole crew of friends and family to get these in and it was a wild experience,” Hunt said.

Catching big sharks along the Texas coast is actually more common than some people might realize.

There are many shark species that live along the Gulf coast.

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