Johnson High School students work with local councilman to address speed concerns

Radar feedback signs have been installed near school entrance

SAN ANTONIO – Johnson High School students are asking drivers to slow down, as school districts across the Alamo City prepare for another school year. Members of the school’s Safe Driving Club have worked with city leaders in recent months to curb the issue.

District 9 Councilman John Courage was contacted by the club to help in their mission. The councilman’s office purchased devices known as Radar Feedback Signs (RFS).

The signs are pointed at oncoming traffic and can provide information as to speed and how many vehicles are passing through. According to the councilman’s office, the RFS are up for a two week period.

During the first week, the feedback display is off to capture natural driving behavior. However, during the second week the display is turned on. The information recorded during the two week period is handed off to law enforcement agencies like San Antonio police and Bexar County deputies to inform patrols of speeding.

There are two RFS installed on both north and southbound directions of Bulverde Road, near the Johnson High School entrance.

In a statement sent to KSAT, councilman Courage said:

“Reducing speeding and creating safer roads has been a top priority since the day I was elected Councilman. We have received hundreds of calls and messages from residents concerned about cars driving too fast or unsafe streets all over the district. We took action with our mobile radar feedback signs as soon as possible. On average, we see a 30% reduction in speeds using the data received from before and after installation. We have even seen other districts begin to implement their own mobile radar feedback signs given our success. Areas around schools take priority and we will coordinate with the SAPD for increased patrols if need be. These tools we have at our disposal absolutely help but there is no substitute for changing bad driving habits. Everyone needs to be alert and focused when driving. It just takes a second to change your life forever. Eyes on the road San Antonio,” the councilman said.

Andrew Gallegos is a senior at Johnson High School. He wants to remind drivers approaching school zones to stay focused behind the wheel.

“We just want to make sure that everyone can have a safe driving conversation with each other. We need to break that culture of distracting yourself, while you’re driving it should be a priority,” Gallegos said.

Jordan Hunter, another senior, agrees.

“I mean, I just we want people to know that driving is a task, not a side task. So when you’re driving eyes on the road, locked in, no distractions,” Hunter said.

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