Driving instructor warns young drivers to be cautious as road rage calls become more common

Drivers are urged to not engage angry drivers

Driving instructor warns young drivers to be cautious as road rage calls become more common

San Antonio – San Antonio police are looking for help identifying a man seen on video pulling a gun on a driver in July along I-10 and S. New Braunfels.

The report said the victim unintentionally cut off the driver and the suspect continued to follow her, despite her attempt to get away.

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Schertz police are also investigating a road rage assault report after a video of the incident was shared on social media.

A young driver was seen being slapped on the chest by an older man, who was also cursing at her.

Marco Alonso, the owner of Ayala & Associates Driving School, said learning how to deal with belligerent drivers is part of the course.

“There is seems to be a lot more road rage incidents now than there were before,” Alonso said.

He said drivers should not engage angry drivers. Let that driver pass you, lay off the horn, back off the bumper and don’t make hand gestures that could elevate the rage.

“What we also tell our students is that you don’t know what has happened to that individual in the course of the day. They may have been advised that a loved one has cancer. They got served with divorce papers. They lost their job. We don’t know what, what goes on in their mind. So the best thing that you can do is just don’t engage. As far away as you can get from that person, the better,” he said.

If you don’t feel safe, exit the road, head to the nearest fire or police station and/or call 9-1-1.

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