Two key witnesses in murder trial give inconsistent testimony

Jarren Garcia could face up to life in prison if found guilty of killing his stepfather

The mother and teenage brother of a defendant on trial charged with killing his stepfather had different accounts of what happened the night of the incident.

Jarren Garcia is on trial for the March 5, 2021, shooting death of Mark Ramos.

More than a year later, Garcia’s brother told the jury on Thursday that he initially lied to detectives about key details on the case.

“That night I was talking to them I was very shocked and startled,” the teenager said.

A year ago, the teen never told police that Ramos was swinging at him and his brother, but only that he threw a speaker. But while on the witness stand Thursday, he pointed to Ramos being the aggressor.

Details got more confusing when Bertha Garcia, the defendant’s mother, took the stand.

Several times Bertha Garcia was shown video of her statement she made to police hours after the shooting and how it differed from what she was telling the jury.

“I forgot some things, I didn’t leave them out,” she said. “It just happened so fast.”

One significant detail that differed was whether Jarren Garcia followed and kept shooting at Ramos as he was outside the house.

On the night of the shooting, Bertha Garcia is seen on video telling police that the defendant followed Ramos, but she told jurors he didn’t walk outside.

Prosecutors then asked for an explanation as to how spent shell casings and live rounds ended up outside.

Bertha Garcia said she didn’t know.

Meanwhile, the defense during cross examination had Bertha Garcia detail the abuse she went through with Ramos and how they had a tumultuous relationship.

This case is expected to go to the jury on Friday. If found guilty Jarren Garcia could face up to life in prison .


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