Construction for new stage of Loop 1604 North expansion project kicks off

TxDOT hopes to have the first 3 phases finished by 2027.

SAN ANTONIO – TxDOT is expanding a 23-mile stretch of Loop 1604 from SH16 to I-35. It’ll bring more mobility and less congestion to drivers in North Bexar County.

This Texas Clear Lanes Project is a $1 billion investment to improve designs, increase mobility, reduce congestion, and enhance safety. The project includes plans for five segments of construction.

Segment 2 of the Loop 1604 North expansion project got underway Wednesday. Phases 1 and 3 broke ground in 2021.

TxDOT hopes to have the first three phases finished by 2027. Phases 4 and 5 don’t have anticipated start or finish dates.

“To me, that’s a while… not just me but a lot of people are going to have to rearrange their schedule,” said Sarena Tovar.

“There’s nothing we can do. Hopefully they do finish it soon. If they don’t we’ll just have to stick with it until it’s done,” said Ignacio Garcia.

Both area residents said they travel on 1604 on a daily basis. They’re no stranger to traffic jams and backups.

“Probably within the week it’ll probably add up to like… I’m not sure maybe 10 hours,” said Tovar about how much time she loses on 1604.

“We have to go places.. we get there late or we have to leave early… even if we leave early we stop run into traffic no matter what,” said Garcia.

Planned improvements include the construction of flyover ramps at the interchange, as well as the expansion of the main lanes of Loop 1604 from four lanes to 10 lanes across, including a high-occupancy vehicle lane in each direction. Also, TxDOT will replace the cloverleaf interchange at IH 10/LP 1604 with a five-level direct connect interchange.

Segment 1:

Loop 1604 from Bandera to I-10

  • Start date: May 2022
  • Anticipated completion: 2024
  • Estimated cost: $148 million
Segment 2:

Loop 1604 and I-10 interchange

  • Anticipated Start: 2022
  • Anticipated Completion: 2027
  • Estimated Cost: $418 million
Segment 3:

Loop 1604 from I-10 to US 281

  • Anticipated Start: Late Summer 2021
  • Anticipated Completion: 2025
  • Estimated Cost: $234 million
Segment 4:

Loop 1604 from US 281 to Redland

  • Anticipated Start: TBD
  • Anticipated Completion: TBD
  • Estimated Cost: $130 million
Segment 5:

Loop 1604 from Redland to I-35

  • Anticipated Start: TBD
  • Anticipated Completion: TBD
  • Estimated Cost: $265 million

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