Cyclists keep memory of fallen heroes alive through ‘Memories for Honor’ ride

All the cyclists wore the name of a fallen soldier so their names are kept alive through memory

Hundreds of cyclists pedaled with a purpose as “Memories for Honor” had its inaugural ride to remember fallen heroes.

One of the cyclists, Tony Mandujano, served in the Army and is now an Edgewood ISD teacher.

He found out an alumni student was recently killed in Iraq, and Mandujano is riding in his memory. He wore his name on the bib.

All the cyclists wore the name of a fallen soldier, so on every ride their names are kept alive through memory.

“That name can pop up the database anywhere this goes throughout the nation, and that name will be remembered and honored out there on the roads,” Mandujano said.

After cyclists finish their 20, 40, or even 60-mile ride, they write a reflection about the person they’re riding for, and the card is sent to the family of the veteran.

Angela Spangler said every day should be Memorial Day.

“Just to remember everybody that’s given their life for our country it’s not an easy calling, and so that is what I’ll be thinking about is honoring them,” Spangler said.

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