Uvalde Together We Rise Fund disbursement starts Monday

Over $22.3 million had been raised and will be 100% disbursed.

UVALDE – It’s been nearly six months since the mass shooting at Robb Elementary claimed 21 lives.

Students, teachers, and their families have been left with visible and unseen scars.

On a day that showed us the worst of humanity, it started a movement of giving.

”The only the silver lining is that it brings out some of the greatest compassion and generosity from people around the world,” Jeff Dion, executive director of the National Compassion Fund said.

From May 24 when the shooting at Robb Elementary happened, until October 20 when the donations closed, the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund has raised $22,300,673.80.

Dion said 100% of that money will be given out.

“We have an obligation to the victims and their families and their donors to make sure we’re doing the right thing,” Dion said.

The NCF has worked with a local steering committee made up of 10 people, and together they published a final protocol that outlines who gets the money.


A. Application for Legal Heirs of the beloved 21 people killed

B. Individual Physical Injury Applications

C. Individuals Present in the West Wing Experiencing Psychological Trauma

D. Class and Funeral Home Workers Fired Upon

E. Individuals Present elsewhere on the Robb Elementary campus

In total, 448 of the submitted applicants have been approved to receive those funds.

“Most of the people there were schoolchildren. And when you give money to children, we have the highest responsibility to make sure that that money is protected,” Dion said.

Texas statutes make sure that money will go into a special account.

The committee also worked with the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure families on government assistance don’t lose benefits.

“We want to make sure that we don’t give someone money and then they lose eligibility for some of those important benefits,” he said.

The steering committee has decided not to make the amounts each verified applicant receives public for their own privacy and protection.

Once all of the money is disbursed, an independent auditing firm will make sure 100% of the funds were given out correctly.

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