Critical plumbing maintenance could save you hundreds this winter

Master plumber offers tips to save you money in the event of a pipe burst during a freeze

SAN ANTONIO – Taking a few minutes and spending a few bucks to winterize pipes could save you hundreds of dollars.

Master plumber Brad Harrell said the number one mistake customers make each winter is failing to winterize their outdoor pipes ahead of a freeze.

“This is definitely the time to prep for when the next big freeze happens because it’s inevitable,” he said.

Spending a little money to buy pipe insulation and a hose bib could end up being a big investment. Harrell said calling a professional to fix a frozen burst pipe could run you a few hundred dollars.

Fixing any leaks is also a good way to minimize damage.

Harrell said businesses and homeowners should also know where their main water meter is located and how to shut it off during an emergency. “If you do have a problem, shut your water off at the meter. That’s going to be your first area of defense to mitigate the damage inside the house,” he said.

Harrell recommends people open sink cabinets in the event of a freeze to let warm air flow into the pipes. He said you should allow a slow drip on the faucets to prevent the pipes from freezing. This is especially important for those with elevated homes with exposed pipes.

Watch a SAWS video on how to shut off a water system below or click here.


Tips to winterize your home and help prepare for freezing temperatures

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