Behind the Kitchen Door: Rodent droppings, repeat violations lead to low score for sports bar

Two West Side restaurants score 79

SAN ANTONIO – Rodent droppings and repeat violations led to a low score for a bar on the Northeast Side, and two West Side restaurants also scored below an 80 in this week’s Behind the Kitchen Door.

La Perla Del Pacifico Sports Bar

La Perla Del Pacifico Sports Bar, located in the 2600 block of Northeast Loop 410, was featured on Behind the Kitchen Door in July when health inspectors gave it a 76.

The establishment didn’t do much better when the inspector visited again on Nov. 14. This time, he gave them a 77 after finding numerous health violations, including six that were repeats.

Food inside the walk-in cooler had to be thrown out because it was out of the required temperature. They also had to toss out rusty, heavily dented cans.

Dirty magnetic strips were holding clean knives that were in-use. There was an accumulation of food debris in the reach-in freezers and cooler, and a heavy accumulation of grease on equipment above, under and on the sides of the stove.

The inspector found rodent droppings throughout the business and other signs of rodent activity. They were asked to clean the area and provide a copy of the most recent pest control report.

A re-inspection was ordered.


Bombshells, located in the 8400 block of Highway 151, fizzled out with a 79.

Two tubs of chicken were thrown out because the cold unit was too warm.

The inspector also found food in the cold unit that had been returned by a customer that needed to be removed.

An employee was caught picking up raw chicken from the floor with gloves on, but they didn’t wash their hands after that. Another was touching food with bare hands.

They were also told to hire pest control services to deal with gnats and flies.

Beijing Express

Beijing Express in the 8000 block of Marbach Road earned a 79 and a re-inspection.

The establishment had a black mold-like substance growing in the ice machine. There was more mold build-up on the pipes and handles of a sink.

None of the employees washed their hands once during the inspection.

There were multiple dead roaches found in the business, and the back door was left wide open.

They were also cited for storing food storage containers on the floor throughout the establishment.

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About the Authors:

Dale Keller is senior news photographer at KSAT-12.