San Antonio Fire Department shares holiday warning about overloading outlets

Don’t end up like shocked Santa, SAFD warns

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Fire Department released a cartoon video on Wednesday to remind residents to be careful when it comes to overloaded electrical outlets.

SAFD officials said because they get more calls this time of the year due to overloaded outlets, they decided to promote a fun but educational cartoon that celebrates the holidays and to remind residents to be careful with overloads due to heating and decorations.

The Public Service Announcement shows Santa Claus taking a cookie break in someone’s living room when suddenly his phone dies. When he goes looking for a plug to charge his phone, he finds an overloaded outlet.

Santa is in for a great shock as he plugs his phone into the overloaded outlet. Santa is zapped so hard that he is launched over the San Antonio skyline in true cartoon fashion.

While the cartoon is entertaining, fire officials say overloaded electrical outlets are no laughing matter. Officials say if you plug in too many devices into an electrical outlet, you are putting your home at risk for fire.

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