Big rig driver trying to avoid crash on Southeast Side highway hits house across the road

Truck driver lost control due to another driver’s road rage, police say

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are blaming another driver’s road rage for causing a big rig driver to lose control on a Southeast Side highway and hit a nearby house.

The crash happened before 8 a.m. Thursday morning near Interstate 37 and Hot Wells Boulevard.

Police believe an angry driver pulled in front of the big rig and slammed on his brakes, which sent the truck off course and caused the trailer it was hauling to sway.

Police say the big rig driver was trying to avoid hitting another driver who had road rage. Instead the truck went out of control and left the highway where it hit the house. (KSAT 12 News)

At some point, the big rig door opened and the driver fell out, police say.

The truck continued on, driving off the highway and slamming into the side of a house on nearby Avondale Avenue.

No one was inside the home at the time, police said.

The truck also hit a hatchback along the way.

Both a woman in the hatchback and the driver of the big rig suffered what police said are minor injuries and were taken to a hospital.

When the truck went out of control, it also hit this white hatchback, which was not involved in the original road rage incident. (KSAT 12 News)

There also was a passenger in the big rig, Anselmo Alonzo, who was not hurt.

Alonzo, speaking in Spanish, told KSAT 12 News he was grateful he was able to walk away.

He said he tried his best to get control of the truck after the driver fell out but he was not able to do so.

Alonzo said he feared the worst as the big rig appeared to head straight toward two large metal light poles.

Somehow, though, it avoided them and hit the side of the house, causing some damage.

Police spoke to a third driver at the scene who they suspected may be responsible for the crash.

However, they did not make any arrests.

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