Jewish community volunteer to feed homeless on Christmas morning

Volunteers part of the Temple Beth-El and The Jewish Federation partnered with Corazon ministries for Christmas community service.

SAN ANTONIO – People from all walks of life broke bread together at Travis Park Church as volunteers served hot meals to people in need on Christmas day and the eighth day of Hanukkah.

“It’s very hard for all of us with what we are going through out here, but, in a good way, it brings us all together. We are all going through the same situation. We all know each other out here in the streets,” Julio Gusto shared while holding his wife in his arms.

Married couple Nikki James and Julio Gustos have been living on the streets since April, and they are grateful to the volunteers part of Temple Beth-El and the Jewish Federation of San Antonio for allowing them to enjoy a warm shower and a hot meal under the Corazon ministries program.

“As reformed Jews, we believe in Tikkun Olam repairing the world, Gemilut Chasadim acts of love and kindness. Every good act we do is a more whole and just earth,” Temple Beth-El Social Justice Coordinator Ross Halfant said.

Jewish volunteers are here today to bring the light to the world…pushing back the darkness.

“Today’s message is really about sharing the love. We want the love to conquer,” the President and CEO of The Jewish Federation of San Antonio said.

Volunteers served 200 plates of turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. A traditional meal with a homemade touch, something James and Gustos truly appreciated.

“The people that do help us out here, they put a lot of hope and joy and faith in us to keep pushing and not give up. There are some good people out there that do care about us,” Gustos shared.

The generosity from today’s volunteers also included an additional 800 meals prepared at the Synagogue Temple for San Antonio area first responders.

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