Abandoned dogs in Balcones Heights officially in city’s custody

Dogs were seized from Coral Gables apartments on Jan. 9

Three pit bulls found in feces and urine-coated floors are officially in the custody of the city of Balcones Heights.

The dogs were left alone for days at a unit at the Coral Gables apartment complex.

Some neighbors and animal advocates wanted to rescue them but couldn’t because pets are categorized as property under Texas law.

A judge on Wednesday ruled that the dogs’ owner cruelly abandoned them, which allowed the city of Balcones Heights to take ownership of them.

Lauren Trevino, prosecutor for the city, said she hopes pet owners know there are better options out there than just abandoning animals.

”If someone is in a position where they cannot do that right now, just knowing that there are, you know, animal shelters or other people out there who are willing to take in animals such as in this case. And so that is an option if someone is not able to do so right now,” Trevino said.

Now, the city hopes someone from a rescue shelter comes forward and helps get the dogs adopted.

Their previous owner will have a chance to appeal but could also face criminal charges in a higher court.

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