Burbank High School partners with Palo Alto College to give students deeper understanding of agriculture

Dual credit program helps students understand food supply, production of meats and vegetables

SAN ANTONIO – Burbank High School’s agriculture program is expanding and has partnered with a local San Antonio college to give students a closer look into the industry.

Palo Alto College is now offering a dual credit program, giving students a deeper understanding of agriculture.

“They will be getting college courses in high school and so they would take those credits and then transfer to Palo Alto College as an agriculture major, and then our goal is for those students to actually transfer to A&M and get a degree in agriculture, so they can bring that education back to San Antonio,” Ty Chumbley, Department Head of Agriculture at Palo Alto College said.

Chumbley says there are about 12 students already part of the program.

“They are taking livestock evaluation at Palo Alto College. So they are learning about cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, goats. So they are learning all the livestock species right now,” Chumbley said.

Chumbley says they hope to grow the program in the upcoming years.

“Our goal is for our students to really understand the food supply, how we produce high-quality meats, high-quality vegetables. Our goal is for them to be future producers for the world,” Chumbley said.

Since 1937, Burbank high schools agriculture program has been inspiring and shaping the lives of students.

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