Extreme weather’s impact on vehicles

Oil changes, batteries, and low tire pressure should all be checked before hitting the road in cold weather

San Antonio – As the cold weather arrives, folks with older vehicles should do a full engine check before they drive off into the roads.

Chad Miller with Miller Auto Care says the extremely cold weather could have an impact on older vehicles that have not been properly maintained.

The average vehicle on the road, he says, is 12 years old.

Those who don’t stay on top of the oil changes on those older cars could be walking home during this next round of cold weather.

Aside from oil changes, he says batteries 3 years or older should be changed.

Before you drive off, check your windshield wipers and the washer fluid. Adding a special agent or even isopropyl alcohol from home can help keep the water from freezing.

Low tire pressure or worn-out tires can also cause wheels to slip. Make sure you check them to be safe.

“The cold will affect water pumps, it will affect radiators, it will affect those things,” Miller explains. “You may hear a belt squeal or something like that, but overall, you’re not going to hear anything that’s going to be super detrimental.”

Miller encourages drivers to have their vehicles checked routinely or in the spring.

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