Over 1,000 people enroll in Ready to Work SA program’s first year

Enrollment for the program began in May 2022

SAN ANTONIO – Moving people from low-paying jobs into additional opportunities is the goal behind the Ready to Work SA program.

The San Antonio City Council and voters approved the program last year.

Neil Flores was working in fast food, but through the Ready to Work program, he was trained to work at an H-E-B warehouse, earning a higher wage.

“I just felt like I could do something more, you know?” Flores said. “It feels like more fulfillment in life, you know, compared to getting paid less.”

Flores was one of 57 participants that secured a higher-paying job through the program. He said he had a lot of support from his career counselor.

“Nothing but phone calls... They will motivate you by words, you know, and they will kind of push you,” Flores said.

Enrollment for the program began in May of last year. Since then, over 1,350 people have begun the process.

Ready To Work Executive Director Michael Ramsey said getting them to their goal is a process.

“We want to make sure we take that time at the beginning to make sure that we truly understand that individual, that their particular circumstance is what their abilities are, what their interests are,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey was encouraged by the program’s progress in the first year, saying that more people will complete their training as time goes on.

“The majority are within that six-month to nine-month time frame. So it takes time for an individual to matriculate through their training programs,” Ramsey said.

Data shows a lot of people chose healthcare and truck driving as a career path but Ramsey invites other industries and businesses to join. Flores encourages others to take control of their financial future.

“If you want, like, more career focus, I definitely recommend it. You know, it’s better than working like a dead-end job,” Flores said.

You can apply for Ready To Work SA here.

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