Artist tells stories about his homeland Rwanda in new exhibit at Carver Community Cultural Center

‘Art is Freedom’ opens Thursday

SAN ANTONIO – A local artist is sharing his journey and telling stories about his homeland Rwanda in a new exhibit.

The exhibition “Art is Freedom” opens Thursday at the Carver Community Cultural Center on 226 N. Hackberry St.

“I’m very, very excited to share that art is freedom,” Alain Gakwaya said.

Gakwaya moved from Rwanda to the United States about 10 years ago and includes items connected to Rwanda in his artwork.

He uses vibrant colors and recycled items in his art.

“I go to different thrift shops, thrift stuff and see how I can incorporate that in my artwork,” Gakwaya said.

His artwork has been displayed around the city, including the San Antonio International Airport.

“I feel to be showing my art, some of the stuff I really care about, is really inspiring,” Gakwaya said.

Gakwaya hopes to inspire others through his work.

“I want to show other artists, other people of color just minorities, people that come from different areas to really just believe in themselves and really chase their dreams,” Gakwaya said.

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