Software update now available for Kia, Hyundai owners amid rise in thefts

A one-hour visit to the dealership could spare owners problems

SAN ANTONIO – A rise in thefts of older-model KIA and Hyundai vehicles is prompting a software update for drivers.

Brian Rodriguez with Ancira KIA says vehicles that are older than 2022 can be updated.

“This update is a dealer-only specific update, has to be done with the KIA computer. You can’t take it to, you know, an aftermarket shop. You can’t do it at home. This is dealer specific,” he explained.

Owners may get a letter in the mail. They can also call their local dealerships to schedule any necessary updates.

A visit to the dealership could take about an hour but save people a lot of heartache.

“From start to finish, from arriving to the dealership to getting the vehicle done, we’re looking about an hour. It’s like updating your iPhone. You’re just uploading the program into the vehicle,” Rodriguez said.

The software makes it so that the car will need a key in the ignition to start. At the end, a sticker is placed on vehicles with the updates to deter thieves.

Rodriguez says people must remember to take precautions to stop thieves no matter what vehicles they drive.

“Whether it’s a KIA or whether it’s any other make or model, if they want to steal it, they’re going to steal it. You’re not going to stop them,” he said.


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