Residents plead for ACS’s help after abandoned dogs raise neighborhood safety concerns

SAN ANTONIO – Two abandoned dogs are causing concerns in a Northwest Side neighborhood. Residents are now urging Animal Care Services to pick up the pups for their safety and the dogs’.

On May 19, surveillance footage captured the moment the dogs were left to fend for themselves. Footage shows a dark-colored SUV taking the dogs to the Timber Ridge neighborhood, letting the dogs out, and driving off.

“Who dumps two dogs in the streets, you know? They’re going to have to fend for themselves. (They) have been a part of your family,” said Donald Page, a Timber Ridge resident.

Page said the dogs are now roaming the neighborhood, and he regularly sees the two, often at the spot they were left.

“The dogs begin to run after the vehicle as she pulls off. I mean, that’s so tragic. They thought, ‘Here’s our owner -- here’s our caretaker, and she’s pulling off and leaving,’” said Page.

Page said he has called the city’s 311 line to report the dogs multiple times.

Animal Care Services issued a statement in response to KSAT’s question on this case and the status of animal shelters:

“Capacity is always an issue in spring/summer--- it’s litter season. This call is being handled with a trap because the responding officer did not find the dogs in question while patrolling the area. Caller (Mr. Page) stated two dogs were dumped near his home from a white SUV; agreed to have a trap set up on his property.”

In the meantime, residents are still on edge.

“Someone’s child might be mistaken for a small animal, or someone’s pet might kick in those prey, drive off those two dogs,” said Page.

Home security video also showed the two dogs chasing a neighbor’s cat.

The issue of dumping dogs and stray animals in San Antonio has State Sen. Jose Menendez thinking of potential legislation.

“People need to be responsible dog owners. If you don’t spay or neuter them, the probability of having unplanned puppies is going to be great, and it’s our tax dollars that are trying to solve this problem,” said Menendez.

The city of San Antonio offers these resources to pet owners to combat these issues.

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