Victor Wembanyama tells ABC’s Robin Roberts he’s ready to play in the NBA

Wembanyama says other people’s expectations are nothing compared to pressure he puts on himself

It would be easy to understand if all the hype was getting to Victor Wembanyama.

As the most highly-anticipated NBA Draft prospect since Lebron James, there will be a lot of pressure on the 19-year-old phenom.

But “Wemby,” as fans now call him, says he’s ready to play in the NBA.

“I have such high expectations of myself. The expectations of others are nothing compared to what I bring on myself,” Wembanyama told Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

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Wembanyama told Roberts he’s not intimidated to play against the world’s greatest basketball players.

“The most important is to not step on the court being too humble. You gotta be humble enough to be able to respect the game,” he said. “But if you step on the court too humble and scared, like you can’t do anything.”

“You can see yourself on the court?” Roberts asked.

“Of course,” Wembanyama said.

And for anyone doubting whether he can handle the grueling NBA schedule?

“They can think that ‘cause they don’t know my work ethic,” he said.

In an NBA pre-draft press conference on Wednesday, Wembanyama said he “really can’t wait” to play for the Spurs.

“For me, San Antonio is a synonym of winning,” Wembanyama said. “When the Spurs got the number one pick, I was thinking I was lucky they got the pick, as a franchise that has that culture.”

In his interview with Roberts, the pair talked over a meal at one of his favorite French restaurants. French food is one of the things he will miss the most.

“I’m going to find a way to bring some European and French food back to there,” Wembanyama said.

Here’s hoping he learns to love Tex-Mex in San Antonio. He told Roberts that whenever he’s not working out and playing basketball, he’s eating.

“I gotta eat whenever I can. Before practice, after practice. Before I go to bed, after waking up. Before the nap, after the nap,” he said.

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