Summer program allows Madison High School students to raise animals, learn different skills

Agriscience Magnet Program students could win money, scholarships.

SAN ANTONIO – A Madison High School program is designed to help students learn different skills and earn scholarships by raising animals.

Students in the Agriscience Magnet Program this summer have been raising different animals, including steer.

“They are given the opportunity to go to different shows that will lead them into come February to the San Antonio Stock Show or Houston Rodeo. But with that, if they do place their animals, they do make some money back as well as scholarships,” said Cheree Leita, agriculture teacher at Madison High School.

The program teaches students responsibility, time management, discipline and animal care.

Jada Murphey was homeschooling when she learned about the program online.

“I found this school and said ‘Wow that looks amazing.’ I took the tour and I knew this was the school for me,” Murphey said.

Murphey has been raising a steer named Winston.

“He’s the sweetest boy and I’m so excited for him to show because he has such good temperament and I think he will do really good. So, I’m hoping he will do really good. So, I’m hoping he will place,” Murphey said.

Murphey said there’s something in the program for everyone.

“Even if you are not interested in doing livestock, there’s so many things in this program that you can do. You can decide, maybe, you want to be a vet, work in the meat industry or maybe you are interested in plants. There’s so many amazing opportunities here,” she said.

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