Big Sun Solar makes big move as more Texas businesses adopt sustainability

Solar power has gotten cheaper, and there’s now federal incentives

SAN ANTONIO – Driving around Texas and San Antonio -- you might notice more companies installing solar panels – and even solar canopies.

Big Sun Solar is a local solar company expanding rapidly.

“So we’ve been growing pretty steadily, since we started here in San Antonio,” Robert Miggins said.

Miggins is the CEO and co-founder of Big Sun Solar.

“Recently we have broken ground on a project in the DFW area with a helicopter manufacturer called Safran. And we’re building a project pretty similar to this. It’s going to be a really large solar project for them to accomplish some of their global sustainability goals, but it also provides free covered employee parking for their staff,” Miggins said.

It might seem very complicated, but really the process is simple. The sun hits energy panels. It collects up to 20% of the sun’s power. That then goes to an inverter and then it’s connected to this business that can really save up to 100% of its bill. And projects like these, they’re only getting more popular across the state.

“They sit here and catch the sun every day and convert it to electricity and provide beautiful, cool, covered parking as well,” Miggins said.

Miggins added that solar has gotten cheaper and cheaper and new federal legislation accelerated incentives for businesses to adopt new energy projects. And that includes tax credits and a better return on an investment.

“More and more businesses are calling us, looking for ways to maybe meet some sustainability goals they might have or just to take advantage of tax credits or just to offset their exposure to ever increasing electricity costs,” Miggins said.

And as Big Sun Solar and the state energy needs move forward many continue to see more and more projects like these.

“Solar and wind and other sustainable sources of electricity are an increasingly important part of how the ERCOT grid is going to meet its energy needs. So solar plays a really important role in how ERCOT meets its needs,” Miggins said.

You can find out more information on Big Sun Solar by clicking here.

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