2 men arrested in connection with shooting that injured 2-year-old boy, BCSO says

‘Weapons and children don’t mix’: Sheriff Salazar said they are investigating if boy shot himself

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people in connection with a shooting that injured a 2-year-old boy in northeast Bexar County last week.

In a news conference on Monday, Sheriff Javier Salazar said suspects Kobe Sullivan, 21, and Lorenzo Williams, 25, attempted to clean the crime scene at the apartment where the boy was injured.

Deputies first found the injured boy when they responded to a crash in the 7500 block of FM 78 on Friday evening.

The boy’s mother, 22, had an apparent head injury, though it is unknown if she was hit by a car or fell from a car.

Responding deputies were then handed the injured boy. Deputies noticed he had a bandage on his leg, and it appeared to be a gunshot wound.

His mother did not give a straight story, did not cooperate, and appeared to be intoxicated, Salazar said.

Deputies pieced together what happened, and it is believed that the woman was with her baby at a friend’s apartment, where people were partying and drinking.

Deputies were told that there was a gun lying near the boy, and he picked it up and somehow shot himself.

“If I’m being honest with you I don’t 100% believe that’s what occurred. But that is a distinct possibility,” Salazar said. “So at this point, we’re running on that premise.”

BCSO believes Sullivan and Williams “attempted to sanitize the crime scene.”

Deputies also found bloody clothes and towels in a washing machine. Salazar said he believes they were trying to dispose of evidence to not face charges.

According to Salazar, Sullivan said he saw the weapon near the baby but did not remove it.

“Weapons and children don’t mix. Those two should never be left unattended in any situation. Weapons should never be left within arm’s reach of a child of any age much less a two-year-old,” he said.

Sullivan was charged with injury to a child by omission, tampering with evidence with intent to impair and making a firearm accessible to a child, records show. Salazar said he was already wanted on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, fraudulent use/possession of identifying information 5-9 items, and possession of a controlled substance.

Williams was charged with failure to identify himself to a peace officer-fictitious name, records show. He also had an active warrant for assault bodily injury-married.

Their charges may be upgraded depending on the outcome of the investigation.

BCSO is also looking for two other suspects in connection with the case. It’s possible the boy’s mother may face charges, Salazar said.

This is one of two child injury cases briefed by Salazar on Monday.

In a separate incident, a child was severely burned and injected with meth by her parents, Salazar said. Her parents have been arrested.

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